The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Email Security Solution

The average email user receives 121 emails every day. Therefore, if you are a company of 100 employees, your email security solution scans no less than 12,100 emails daily.

That’s over 12,000 emails going through anti-spam, anti-malware scanning, anti-phishing, SPF checks, policy enforcement, among other security modules.

Now, imagine all those processes during an email DDoS attack.

Email is the most common means of communication used in business today. It is also the number 1 delivery method of distribution for malware. Protecting it is an absolute necessity when it comes to continuing business operations.

Traditionally, email scanning was done on-premise. As more applications become virtual, cloud-based email security solutions are gaining traction. And for good reason. Here are just some of the benefits to going to the cloud:

  • Save on bandwidth and free up network resources.
    Email security these days is more than just a spam filter. Solutions now include anti-malware scanning, SPF checks, sender IP reputation, challenge response – the list goes on. It is so much more process intensive. More processes; more network resources used; more bandwidth consumed.
  • Clean the email flow before it gets to your network.
    Emails containing malicious messages can bottleneck your mail server, preventing time-sensitive messages from reaching recipients.
  • Shield your network from possible email DDoS attacks.
    Email DDoS attacks inundate mail servers with large volumes of messages. These attacks swiftly compromise bandwidth and disrupt business operations.
  • Provide a queue for your email.
    What happens to emails when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or email server goes down? With on-premise solution, you often end up losing those emails because there is no server available online to receive them.
  • Hide your IP addresses from hackers.
    By moving email scanning to the cloud, you’re able to lock your firewall, so the public IP addresses aren’t exposed. Therefore, a hacker scanning them would not find anything and would move on.

While an on-premise solution may feel like the safe bet, cloud-based solutions are proven to be far more robust. They include the same features and functionalities as on-premise solutions with the added benefits (e.g. accessibility, availability, and scalability) of being cloud-based. Most importantly, they lift the strain put on your network.

Moving your email scanning to the cloud makes business sense. No bottlenecking. No disruptions. No lost emails.

Definitely something to think about.