January 31, 2019 Pierluigi Stella

Thriving in the Era of Cyberattacks

When we say cybersecurity, we immediately think hackers, spam, phishing, rogue nations, Nigerian scams, and the likes.  Our mind automatically …

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January 23, 2019 D. Nour Dandan

Old Passwords for Sale: May Still Work

Last week, Troy Hunt, a security researcher who runs Have I Been Pwned, reported finding an 87GB file of 773M …

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January 10, 2019 Pierluigi Stella

When Does Security Become Too Much?

Is there even such a thing as too much cyber security? And can it be counterproductive? In my opinion the …

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December 19, 2018 D. Nour Dandan

Healthcare, Compliance, and Email Security

Email, without question, is the most efficient way to communicate information quickly and accurately. However, transmitting confidential patient data electronically …

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December 12, 2018 Pierluigi Stella

Predicting 2019

Every year, come rain or shine, when the month of December rolls around, someone will inevitably ask me, “What do …

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September 11, 2013 Network Box USA

9/11 And DDoS Alerts For Banks & Agencies

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Can You Really Create A Millennial-Friendly Company?

Gen Y is used to doing things quickly and easily.  And for as spoiled as this may come across, you …

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CIOs, Your Top 10 Compliance Headaches

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New York Times Hack: A Wake-Up Call for Small Business?

How secure is your website? The New York Times website was hacked on Tuesday (Aug. 14) and remained dark until yesterday …

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New Payment Card Standards Go Beyond Compliance

Standards can be a way to get organizations to do things you want them to do, but oftentimes they don’t …

August 20, 2013 Network Box USA

PCI 3.0 Gets Positive Initial Reviews from Security Pros

For many IT professionals, the letters “PCI DSS” conjure painful memories of invasive audits of internal systems that, in the …

August 08, 2013 Pierluigi Stella

Does Vacation Really Exist For IT Pros?

In a way, I’m both an IT professional and an IT manager as all the people in our SOC report …

July 25, 2013 Network Box USA

Snowden NSA Leaks Rattle Cloud Customers Worldwide

As predicted, the events surrounding the leaks of NSA surveillance activities by Edward Snowden are having broad repercussions in the …

July 19, 2013 Network Box USA

Case study: Huntsville Independent School District and Network Box USA

Keeping up with technology needs is a formidable task for any enterprise anywhere on the planet. But, for educational facilities, …

July 15, 2013 Network Box USA

The Business of Corporate Account Takeover

In 2010, some online thieves stole $440,000 from Choice Escrow and Land Title, a real-estate closing business. They stole the …