Cloud Technology and Tips for Credit Unions

CU Times

Cloud computing is here to stay, with many credit unions either actively adopting or at least considering cloud computing at least in some form. One aspect of cloud computing that credit unions constantly underestimate is bandwidth connection. We have become accustomed to LANs at 100Mbps and many of us even at 1Gbps for quite a while now. We connect to our servers at that high speed and the data moves across our LAN almost instantaneously.

Now we are moving our servers to the cloud and we forget that this means we are connecting to them via our Internet link, which is rarely fast, and almost never 100Mbps. So, one tip – when you move your servers to the cloud, consider how relevant access speed is for your users; if very relevant, keep the server in-house until you can guarantee very high bandwidth internet connection. (Read more)

Photo by Eduardo Gorghetto on Unsplash