Cloud-Based UTM+

Cloud-Based Cybersecurity

Today's increasingly sophisticated threats have made it imperative for organizations to be fully prepared to stave off attacks which have become inevitable and the norm, rather than the exception.They are under enormous pressure to protect their companies' productivity and assets within the constraints of inadequate resources and lackluster budgets. A firewall is not enough; today's challenges require a comprehensive security solution. Although point solutions can provide layered security, they also bring the added costs and complexity of multiple devices and operating systems. What's needed is an all-in-one, comprehensive, and integrated security solution that reduces complexity and lowers costs.

Network Box's UTM+ comprehensive security approach brings all those components together and fully-integrates them with one another to provide defense-in-depth, multilayered security that works.

The same goes for our Cloud-Based UTM+. You have access to all the features of our award-winning UTM+, in the cloud.