Managed Cloud Security

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Cloud computing has become a significant technology trend. Whether we like it or not, cloud computing is here to stay. More and more companies are moving their data and applications to the cloud.

As in every other IT solution, security is one of the major concerns anyone should have when moving data to the cloud.  In a way, it should be even more of a concern, because your data is now being stored on shared disks, and used on shared computers, in networks over which you have no control. Ensuring that access to your cloud based data and applications goes through a solid security solution is paramount to ensuring the integrity of your data and, ultimately, the sheer survival of your company.

Network Box USA offers a range of services that address these concerns, including our Cloud-Based UTM+ and Managed Cloud Email Security solutions.

Among cloud-computing security solutions, the Network Box solution is the only one that is managed, which means that you don't have to spend time and resources configuring, managing and monitoring your company's network.

Bottom line: Network Box’s managed service provides cloud-computing security with greater efficiency, simplicity and price/performance compared to traditional solutions.