June 11, 2020 MARKETING

How To Find Content Ideas For Your Blog

Coming up with content ideas for your blog can be a near agonizing experience.  You’re pumped and ready to create content, but what do you write about?  Where do you even start to look?  Here are a few tips on how to find content ideas for your blog.

Your Sales Team

Start by asking your sales team what questions they’re getting from prospects and clients.  Your sales team is constantly on the frontline, and this is a great source of content ideas for the blog straight from your target audience.  Simply by paying attention, you can easily find out what’s important to them by the questions they ask.  Or the challenges they face.  This way, you don’t have to take a wild guess.

The Public

If a blog is posted and never found, does it even exist?  Yes, of course it does, but it won’t be generating interest and leads, and isn’t that the ultimate goal?  Answer the Public is an ingenious tool that allows you to type in a keyword and discover what people search for in terms of that particular keyword.  You’ll get exact phrasing, which can only help to elevate your blog in terms of keyword rankings.  And again, some keywords might even spin off additional content ideas for your blog.  Double win.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to find out about hot topics within your industry.  What do others in your industry want to talk about right now?  Sure, you want your blog posts to withstand the test of time, but, sometimes, it’s equally important to hop on that bandwagon.

Industry News

Another way to gather information on what’s trending is to take a look at industry news sources.  What’s everyone writing about? You don’t necessarily have to develop content on the same exact topic, no, but writing about something within the vicinity of that topic is certainly worth a shot.

We get it.

Guessing what sort of content appeals to your target audiences is essentially a shot in the dark.  But it doesn’t have to be.

Leverage your sales team, use tools like Answer the Public, and scour LinkedIn groups as well as industry news sources to gather data that will help trigger content ideas for your blog. Most importantly, don’t forget to do your keyword research, and make sure that blog post is SEO-friendly.