Managed Security for Financial Industry

Managed Security for Banks & Credit Unions


Cybersecurity is an increasingly critical threat to banking and financial institutions, yet it is not well understood. These firms are prime targets for activists, organized crime, and cyber terrorists. An attack on a financial institution (FI) resulting in the loss of vital data can have a devastating effect on the firm's reputation, costing significant amounts of time and money to repair. Moreover, the interconnectedness of FIs leaves them vulnerable to disruption, threatening national security and the stability of the international financial system.

In truth, FIs are pressured to manage the bottom line while providing increasingly convenient online services and maintaining personalized, intimate client relationships. Customer confidence in their ability to secure personal financial information is paramount to their success and longevity.

High profile security breaches and the resilience of advanced persistent threats have clearly demonstrated why cyber security concerns have influenced the regulatory legislation governing all industries and why regulations are here to stay. Indeed, FIs must take heed of and comply with regulatory requirements governing data loss, malware infections and other threats and risks facing financial institutions of all kinds.

A large number of Network Box USA clients are in the financial industry, the vast majority being credit unions and banks. Of the latter, many are regional and community banks, who lack sufficient in-house resources to maintain a proactive, robust Internet security policy while complying with the ever-increasing regulations of government agencies and industry organizations, such as FDIC, GLBA and PCI.

All inclusive and cost effective, Network Box USA's fully managed security services together with our team of highly trained personnel ensure that your network security is up-to-the-minute, staying on top of cyber criminals and system vulnerabilities, in true real time. We provide our FI clients with the requisite security reports for compliance, tailored to the FI's specific needs. Furthermore, we are ourselves routinely examined by member agencies of the FFIEC, and maintain the SSAE 16 SOC 2 attestation as required by banks and other FIs. Let us take care of your security needs, we have the track record to back it up.