Managed Security for Healthcare

Cybersecurity for Healthcare


The number of data breaches reported in 2014 was alarming and 2015 promises to be the most challenging security year yet. Clearly, healthcare organizations must improve their security postures or risk getting breached, and even penalized. Unfortunately, the task of securing Protected Health Information (PHI) is daunting even for the most tech savvy. From fitness bands to hospital portals, electronic health records to insurance networks, the list of Internet-connected devices, tools and kits containing valuable personal as well as medical data keeps growing. Healthcare organizations are struggling to just keep up let alone stay ahead of hackers. To make matters worse, cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated, seeking more more information than ever to sell. As such, the rich dossiers of information (personal, payment, intellectual) housed within health systems' networks or databases are natural (lucrative) targets.

Keeping your healthcare organization safe from security threats takes measured planning, proven technical expertise, and sound business knowledge.

At Network Box USA, we offer a wide range of technology solutions to solve the most pressing security needs of healthcare today. Our team of 24/7 security experts is focused solely on monitoring the security landscape; actively and continuously analyzing data collected across countless honey pots; and swiftly implementing countermeasures to thwart attacks at every level.