Prioritize Healthcare Network Security Measures. Comply with HIPAA & Hitech.

Is Your Healthcare Data Security Protecting Your Patients?

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Healthcare Security Services Continue To Become More Critical

We understand the importance of securing PHI (Protected Health Information) and your healthcare network. In addition, keeping up with healthcare data security measures and compliance requirements is an overwhelmingly daunting task.

It is critical that healthcare organizations improve their security postures or they risk getting breached, and even penalized.

Solutions for Healthcare Data Security

We offer a wide range of healthcare security solutions to solve the most pressing security needs present in that sector today.

Protect User Protect User

Protect User

Define powerful web browsing rules to protect both staff and network. Learn More ▶

Protect Email Protect Email

Protect Email

Exceed HITECH email security requirements with MCES. Learn More ▶

Protect Gateway Protect Gateway

Protect Gateway

Defend your healthcare network by starting at the perimeter. Learn More ▶

Protect Server Protect Server

Protect Web Server

Safeguard PHI stored on your web servers with our WAF. Learn More ▶


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Healthcare Security Needs Served

Network Box USA keeps your healthcare organization safe and secure from online threats, while helping you comply with HIPAA and HITECH requirements. Call us.


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