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Is Cybersecurity on Your Law Firm's Agenda?

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Law Firm Data Security That Protects Confidential Information

In today’s wired world, we realize that client confidentiality extends far beyond traditional non-disclosure parameters of attorney-client privileges. And that, additionally, it encompasses the measures you, the attorney, takes to ensure your IT infrastructure is sufficiently secure to protect every aspect of sensitive data you house, from individual client information to corporate trade secrets.

Failing to respond proactively to the growing risk of law firm cybersecurity will not only put you (and your clients) at great risk, you also stand to lose your business and completely damaging your reputation as well as credibility as a legal practitioner.

Cyber Security Solutions for Legal Firms

Our team recognizes the criticality of data held by law firms and works to strengthen the cybersecurity of your legal network.

Protect User Protect User

Protect User

Build a sturdy, protective barricade around your users, so they cannot harm themselves or your network. Learn More ▶

Protect Email Protect Email

Protect Email

Fortify your email security with MCES. Learn More ▶

Protect Gateway Protect Gateway

Protect Gateway

Safeguard your network by starting at the perimeter. Learn More ▶

Protect Server Protect Server

Protect Web Server

Secure client information stored on web servers with our WAF. Learn More ▶


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Network Box makes us feel comfortable that we have not missed anything. We go home at night knowing that someone is watching over our network.
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Law Firm Data Security Needs Served

Network Box USA is committed to protecting your data and addressing all cybersecurity concerns. We will design a customized solution to strengthen your security posture. Contact us now.


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