Managed Security for Small & Medium Businesses

Managed Network Security for SMBs


Without question, network security is a concern for all businesses as new threats appear daily, even hourly. That said, the challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are unique, necessitating an equally unique but no less robust approach to enhancing their security postures. While larger businesses typically have substantial resources with which to identify and defend against network security threats, the scenario is a little different for SMBs. In fact, SMBs are often at greater risk of cybercrime due to security compromises made from a lack of resources.

Let's face it. The reality is that automated scanning techniques and botnets aren't concerned with the size of a company. They care only to find holes in the network security to exploit. Through a combination of managed solutions and best practices, small and medium-sized businesses can minimize their risks and reduce the attack surface presented to the world.

Network Box USA has been in the business of partnering with SMBs for well over 10 years. Our team is dedicated to designing a customized solution to fit your security needs today, and which is fully adaptable to thwart tomorrow's security threats. Try us.