Managed Security for Travel and Hospitality

Cybersecurity for Travel and Hospitality


Travel and hospitality is the world's largest industry, with the World Travel and Tourism Council predicting revenues in excess of $15 trillion by 2017. Over 50% of all travel reservations are made online, including hotel reservations. This means data collected and stored may include names, addresses, personal email addresses, and of course, financial data (credit cards and banking). This is in addition to employee information stored by organizations including Social Security numbers and medical information. What's more, many segments of the hospitality industry have rewards programs that encourage clients to frequent a particular establishment or chain. These programs store personal and financial information required in order to facilitate reservations, billing and payment and benefit awards.

With all these comes the high exposure for security breaches. Therefore, if you're in the travel or hospitality industry, you know that data protection and business continuity are critical. You also realize you're on practically every cyber criminal's hit list because the confidential data you're privy to highly valuable.

Just as you would want to provide world-class service to your guests, the safeguarding of your network must meet the same exacting standards. Network Box USA can help with an IT security solution that lets you reduce the time and resources spent protecting, monitoring and maintaining your network. This allows you to focus on your core business - ensuring your guests check out with a smile on their faces. Call us.