May 30, 2018 D. Nour Dandan

Keeping Up in a Dynamic World: Moving to the Cloud

In previous blog entries, we identified two roadblocks around technology obsolescence and discussed the importance of real-time, push updates. Today, …

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June 07, 2018 D. Nour Dandan

Keeping Up in a Dynamic World: Outsourcing Cybersecurity Management

Previously, we explored the option of moving cybersecurity to the cloud as one strategy to end the hardware chase. Today, …

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May 22, 2018 D. Nour Dandan

Keeping Up in a Dynamic World: Real-Time Threat Protection

In the previous blog entry, we looked at the roadblocks surrounding technology obsolescence. Before delving into strategies (e.g. moving to …

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May 16, 2018 D. Nour Dandan

Keeping Up in a Dynamic World: The Roadblocks

Every year since 2007, Apple has released a new iPhone model (and iOS upgrade) that leverages faster and, at times, …

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December 07, 2017 Pierluigi Stella

Cybersecurity Pros Deserve a Spot on Company Boards: A Response Thereto

A while back, I wrote that it is time for companies to start treating cyber security the way processing plants …

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August 03, 2016 Pierluigi Stella

Why You Need A WAF – Part 1

At the time of writing of this blog, attacks against web servers are (by far) the most prevalent issue in …

July 13, 2016 D. Nour Dandan

Fear, Urgency, and Doubt: The FUD of Social Engineering

Having worked in the cybersecurity sector for 5 years, I’ve become quite the skeptic when it comes to unsolicited phone …

June 29, 2016 D. Nour Dandan

Cost of Cybersecurity – Part 3

In our previous blog entries, we examined the costs of personnel and technology when it comes to cybersecurity. In today’s entry, we’ll go …

June 22, 2016 D. Nour Dandan

Cost of Cybersecurity – Part 2

We covered the cost of hiring cybersecurity experts in our previous blog entry.  Today, we take a dive into the …

June 15, 2016 D. Nour Dandan

Cost of Cybersecurity – Part 1

When discussing cybersecurity expenses, we often find ourselves talking about the cost of cybercrime – or cybersecurity after the fact. …

June 15, 2016 Network Box USA

Report: Russia’s ‘Best’ Hackers Access DNC’s Trump Research

Bank Info Security Written by Eric Chabrow Pierluigi Stella, chief technology officer at managed security services provider Network Box USA, offers a …

May 24, 2016 Pierluigi Stella

Bottom line of LinkedIn Hack: Step Up Your security

The sheer idea of hacking into a network and stealing data is based on being stealthy. Hackers are really good …

May 19, 2016 Network Box USA

Cybersecurity Experts Comment on LinkedIn Data Breach

Information Security Buzz “The sheer idea of hacking and stealing data is based on being stealth and hackers are really good …

April 25, 2016 Network Box USA

Most orgs couldn’t quickly detect breach, study

A recent survey found that only 21 percent of 209 respondents from an Osterman Research panel said they were able …

March 11, 2016 Network Box USA

5 Cybersecurity Trends at RSA Conference

Bank Info Security by Mathew J Schwartz This year is notable on multiple fronts: It’s the conference’s 25th anniversary, parts of the …