Making The Cloud Move ~ Not All That Easy, Is It?

After reading the study posted on Network World (see link above), I felt compelled to put together my thoughts.

This study reports what was to be expected. We’re adopting a technology we’re far from being familiar with, we’re overhauling the way we run our IT, and it isn’t always possible to foresee all the hurdles that crop up, and make appropriate contingency plans.

We are, after all, human.

The part which continues to amaze me is how so many companies find security in the cloud, a challenge.  There are many credible and reliable companies out there, Network Box USA included, who also offer their security solution on a virtual scale, a solution that can be virtually deployed in front of a virtual network.

What I’m trying to say is whether you choose a traditional UTM vendor and manage it yourself, or a Network Box managed solution, you’re essentially safeguarded by the same level of protection you would’ve received had the physical device been situated at the edge of your physical network.  Truthfully, I just don’t see the issue; it needs to be well planned, of course, and properly configured, but it really is no different than what you would’ve had to do in your network.

One thing I can surmise though is that many organizations think cloud = enormous savings.  They then start deploying, and need a virtual machine for the firewall, one for each server, virtual switches, and so forth. Once they put everything together, the cost isn’t quite as small as they’d expected.   The technology is new, it ispromising and it is the future; the more companies adopt it, the more the prices will go down – and that’s the only thing we can hope for.