Managed Security Services

Managed IT Security Services

There are many advantages for an organization to outsource its Internet security to Network Box USA’s managed service, but it basically boils down to increased cost-effectiveness and how we allow your IT department to operate without in-depth understanding of the various security functions, such as:

By engaging Network Box USA, your organization will improve security without increasing costs.  Outsourcing to us enables you to:

  • free up resources for other mission-critical purposes
  • maintain operational flexibility by allowing peak requirements to be met while avoiding the cost of hiring new staff
  • obtain current technology or capability that would otherwise have to be hired or acquired by retraining, at a potentially very high cost
  • avoid infrastructure obsolescence by giving the responsibility for technical currency to us
  • control operating costs, or turn fixed costs into variable ones, through the use of predictable fees.

Network Box USA offers much more than other SaaS (security-as-a-service) providers offer. Through our global network of Security Operation Centers, we’ll manage, monitor and consolidate your Internet security requirements, employing a wide range of services – protecting your network 24/7.