Managed Security Threat Analysis

Cybercrime Threat Analysis

Network Box maintains a dozen Security Operation Centers (SOCs) worldwide that are supported by highly trained employees.  Updated threat protection signatures and software packages are installed as soon as they are fully tested and available.  Using Network Box’s proprietary PUSH technology, clients' systems are updated within a minute of a solution being ready for deployment.  The management and monitoring communication channels are protected by 3DES encryption and 2048bit RSA authentication keys.

Local Network Box SOCs monitor client boxes worldwide, reporting on attacks and intrusion attempts, building up a picture of the vulnerabilities being exploited.  Each SOC has security personnel able to analyze this information, providing a box-by-box trend analysis.  This allows Network Box to provide useful feedback on the security status of a client and the growth of threats to that company.

All information is also returned to the global SOCs for further analysis, resulting in a global perspective/analysis on the information and allowing Network Box to see how trends are affecting the Internet.

The advantage to clients is that they benefit from the statistics being captured by their equipment and from Network Box’s ability to view global trends.