Marketing Do’s & Don’ts Amid COVID-19

Amid this chaos, it’s easy to sit back and think that marketing is null and void.  Perhaps it is.  To a certain extent. Businesses and consumers, alike, are making calculated decisions on how to spend their money. Even so, this is the time to support your community. That said, it is important to tread carefully and considerately, to bear in mind a few Marketing Do’s and Don’ts as we ride out COVID-19.

To be present

And even though we’re a cybersecurity company, we felt it was timely to share how we’re keeping our own marketing goals from falling by the wayside.

So here we go, with our list of Marketing Do’s and Don’ts amid COVID-19:

  • DO keep in contact with your clients. This is a great time for some client relationship management. Reach out to them. See how they’re coping. Remember , we’re all in this together.
  • DON’T forget about your leads. Yes, it’s a trying time for the economy. For the entire world, at that. You still want to stay front of mind.  This way, when the time comes (whenever and for whatever it may be), you’re the first name that pops up.
  • DO use social media to keep clients and prospects updated. Let them know how you’re handling this pandemic.  Whether you’re ceasing (or halting) or continuing business operations.  Precautions you’re taking for the health and safety of your employees. This is incredibly important. Social media humanizes you as a company.  Clients want to know you’re taking care of your most valuable asset, your employees.  People invest in people.  And they’re more likely to invest in a company that cares about its people.
  • DON’T stop creating content. DO NOT STOP.  This is a great time to offer advice and your expertise. For example, if you’re an interior decorator, write a blog about how to optimize living spaces.  Or tips for organizing your pantry. Extend your reach beyond your industry. Have an easy recipe for no-knead bread? Share it. With people stuck at home, content is being consumed rapidly.  And there’s bound to be one person who gives that bread recipe a go.

This may seem like a strange time to sharpen your marketing chops, I know.

And it is.

But you don’t want to fade into the abyss

I guarantee that your competitors aren’t, so why should you?