June 05, 2019 CYBER SECURITY

Navigating The MSSP Frontier

This new yet familiar cybersecurity frontier becomes continuously less intimidating with further exploration, and, consequently, an increasing awareness of steps I need to take to be protected in my online activities. Working for Network Box USA has helped a lot in this aspect. Every day, I discover a new facet of this industry. I’ve picked up information about many types of threats and why they exist, how they’re kept at bay, and what can counteract them, and how. And, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I don’t think anyone has ever fully grasped the full extent of what’s possible when it comes to online threats, but there are some who understand this matter far better than others, and these people generally become either hackers, or cybersecurity experts. But odds are, the person reading my post won’t necessarily fall into those two categories.  Like me.  So when a hacker’s malicious strike could potentially happen to your company’s network at any given time, it’s good to have direct ties to a counter-strike team.

In the internet battle between good an evil, the best thing in my opinion to have is that team’s ability to monitor and take care of my network, especially since I have no clue of what to do; neither in the case of a hack nor when it comes to general network upkeep. An MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) does exactly that, acting as The Magnificent Seven (or for film buffs; the Seven Samurai) protecting your little town of Network from hacker-bandits.  Except that, in the case of Network town, the seven all have massive amounts of body armor, body shields, unlimited ammo, and nearly every good movement detection device known to man.

Also, TONS of land mines.

An MSSP helps manage your network by monitoring it 24×7, neutralizing threats, and creating new security measures from threat intelligence gathered every second of every minute in every hour of every single day.  And when you believe you’ve detected a problem, it’s there to take care of it immediately.

As I was creating the About Us video for us, I learned more and more about what a managed security services provider actually does, and how it differs from a security services provider. Originally, I only thought about what we do for our clients’ networks.  I mean, no one wants unwelcomed guests messing around inside their homes; an MSSP like us is there to ensure it doesn’t happen.  And while that is the core of what we do, there’s so much more.

We’re here to alleviate clients of the heavy burden that comes with waging a neverending war against hackers and breaches and all other possible threats, internal as well as external.  Yes, we have many solutions to protect every facet of a network, completely scaleable and customizable across a broad spectrum of industries, with bragging rights to no client having been breached in 16 years (yup).   However, based on what I know now, the key things is having that counter-strike team available within an arm’s reach when something seems off.  Or when you want to know what’s going on not only within your network, but also what threats have been trying to infiltrate you, and how they’re being taken care of.  This is far more beneficial and efficient than just placing your trust in some bundled protection, where periodic updates are your only means of understanding what’s happening from a cybersecurity standpoint.

Typically, anything off the shelf simply alerts you.  It does not take action.

I don’t get it either.

An MSSP should be there for you and your network at anytime. Your business is only as secure as your weakest point.  And considering how this new frontier of the internet has taken off in the last 5 years alone, your network can have a huge back door open right this very moment.  Ready for someone to walk in and take whatever they want, if there isn’t a team of highly skilled, highly experienced gatekeepers guarding that very door, just a quick call away.

The internet is constantly evolving.  Likewise all malicious threats.

But we’re right there with them.  Actually, no, we’re a few steps ahead, as it should be.  Always gaining new knowledge.  Always keeping a watchful eye on your network.  Ever vigilant and ready to take action.