With over 75 years combined experience, Praxis helps organizations navigate the complex compliance landscape and implement effective policies to better secure your business environment.  We’re mindful of revenue impacting exploits originating from targeted attacks, digital threats, or human error.  We’re committed to help your team discover how these “real world” concerns intersect with mounting compliance regulations at the local, state, and federal level.  Security and compliance are part of the Praxis DNA. Our collective goal is to enable small to midsize business groups thrive without losing money needlessly.

  • 75yrs combined experience
  • In depth experience in business goals vs Government compliance
  • Specialize in data security and compliance for small to medium size businesses

Our understanding of the legal and industry specific requirements to secure sensitive materials empowers your business to responsibly address them.  Instead of maintaining a singular focus on individual requirements, the Praxis team addresses the entire spectrum of concerns to achieve a more secure and compliant workspace.  Praxis ensures that your business’ cybersecurity policies reflect the practical application of the security measures in place.

  • High degree of knowledge in legal and industry specific government compliances.
  • Praxis takes on a holistic approach to your business and not just individual requirements.
  • Specializing in policy creation reflecting applicable security controls in place.

We focus on and build strong partnerships.  Regardless of size or business vertical, Praxis engages with your team directly to develop actionable cybersecurity strategies. We’re committed to helping your team align to industry best practices by creating effective policies to secure the ongoing business need.  We know this greatly reduces associated risk and eliminates business inefficiencies allowing the business to continue growing confidently.

  • Total engagement with your team
  • 100% committed to your security alignment to your business goals.
  • Reduction of risk while increasing business efficiency.