Prioritization of VPN Issues

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is resulting in a dramatic increase in deployments of VPN technology to facilitate work-from-home and other similar arrangements. Please rest assured that Network Box is here to help you with this, and can assist in configuring and deploying secure Virtual Private Networks for your networks and staff. We have included some details on our recommendations regarding VPN deployments in the latest In The Boxing Ring Newsletter, and we encourage all customers to refer to that.

We have also recently prioritised a set of enhancements regarding our VPN technology (and in particular ‘dynamic’ style VPNs used by roaming staff to connect back to the office / data centre). These can be summarised as:

An upgrade to our core SSL VPN server engine, for NBRS-5.

A new feature to permit an optional device lock to be configured. This will use the remote device’s gateway interface MAC address, or other such unique hardware identifier, to lock a particular VPN user to a particular list of machines (laptop, phone, tablet, etc). This feature works alongside our usual device certificate, user authentication, and dual factor authentication options, to add a further layer of security.

A number of new reports within admin web portal, that can also be scheduled to automatically be delivered by eMail to administrators and management. These new reports concentrate on VPN usage by dynamic VPN users, and include source IP geo-location, bandwidth usage, as well as session times, count and duration.

We are aiming to be able to release these new firmware enhancements as an optional out-of-cycle update in the second half of this month (April).

Should you have any specific requirements (in particular on the control and usage functionality, or reporting), please let your local Network Box Security Operation Centre (SOC) know so that your feedback can be included in this work. Any such feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Stay safe, and Stay healthy,

Network Box Security Response