How Does Anti-Spam Work?

Spam is no longer a mere nuisance, but a very real possible source of threats. As spammers become increasingly sophisticated in how they craft their emails, disguising them as credible and legitimate, anti-spam companies such as Network Box need to constantly pay close attention to all the new techniques hackers use. However, the one thing an anti-spam solution can never do is ‘guess’ that an email is spam based on simply ‘looking at the screen’. Computers do not work that way, and for now, AI is far too CPU intensive and expensive to even be considered as applicable against spam.

In this white paper, without going too much into technical details, we’ve attempted to explain how anti-spam is done today. While it’s true that not all companies use exactly the same techniques, we hope this paper will provide a good understanding of the underlying issues and solutions the industry has adopted in waging the war against spam.

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