Security Tips for IT Managers Before Unveiling New Systems

A few months ago, Network Box completed an extensive survey to determine what the priorities would be for IT managers next year. My UK-based colleague, Simon Heron, reported that the top two priorities will be unified communications and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).

The survey revealed a number of interesting facts, some of which included:
Twelve percent of the 250 IT managers questioned expect to implement a unified communications system in 2011. Simon noted that “new ports and protocols must be used which can make networks vulnerable if the right precautions and protection are not put in place. Companies can find themselves vulnerable to Toll Fraud –if the right gateway protection is not implemented, the IP PBX is as vulnerable as any other server which no responsible IT manager would allow.”

Ten percent of IT managers plan to utilize an MPLS network in 2011. Simon added that in some instances, this might involve restructuring the corporate network. Implementing a network restructure without first considering the security implications can have drastic consequences for the company in the long term.

Simon summed it up quite succinctly:
“In the next few years, these technologies are going to bring massive advantages to the companies that deploy them. IT departments are going to have to move with this change, assessing the risks and providing the right protection to ensure their company is not vulnerable.”