Dark Web Monitoring

If dark web activity is ignored, attacks and breaches
can come without an organization even realizing it.

Is Your Company Actively Monitoring the Dark Web?

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Much has been said of the Dark Web and its role in facilitating a marketplace for illegal sales of personal info and confidential data.  How can you find out if someone is using your company’s identity? Where do you even begin looking, be it the deep web or the dark web? And given all the potentially unsavory activities that can happen using these intellectual commodities, not only do businesses need to protect against hackers, they must also regularly check and monitor if their name (or domain, IP addresses, etc.) pop up on the dark web.

Is your company on the dark web?

Our Dark Web Monitoring service scrubs the most hidden parts of the Internet, to track if your email addresses and passwords have been stolen.  We then scan and analyze the data (where and how often it has been compromised), and generate a report based on those findings so companies can take appropriate action to augment their data breach protection efforts.

Is it possible to monitor the dark web, you ask?  The answer is yes.  This is where Network Box USA comes in.

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what is dark web monitoring
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As an MSSP, our fully managed service commitment extends also to the Dark Web Monitoring Tool.  What this means is that all you need do is provide us with your domain and/or email addresses, sit back, and allow us to take care of the rest.  Our solution dives deeply into every corner of the deep web, 24/7/365, investigating and searching the dark for new breaches as they occur, and proactively alerting you if/when new email addresses (or passwords) pertaining to your domain pop up.

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