The Network Box Anti-Spam module is the most comprehensive and effective gateway anti-spam solution in the market today. It leverages 25 anti-spam engines, over a dozen different techniques, and a database of more than 30.8 million anti-spam signatures to provide true defense-in-depth, in a single managed gateway solution. (For up-to-date figures, click here.)

The list of anti-spam engines includes Z-Scan to protect against zero-day attacks.


  •   Cooperative Spam Checksums
  •   Signatures and Spam Scoring
  •   White lists and Blacklists
  •   Real-Time IP and URL Blacklists
  •   Heuristics
  •   URL to IP Mapping and Blacklists
  •   URL Categorization
  •   Domain Age
  •   Challenge Response Systems
  •   Digital Signatures
  •   Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  •   Proprietary Relationship Database
  •   Anti-spoofing
  •   Anti-spear phishing / CEO phishing
  •   Accurate anti-ransomware response (this may go into the AV though)
  •   Envelope Verification and DHA protection (directory harvest attack)



Multilayered Security

  •   25 anti-spam engines
  •   More than 30.8 million signatures
  •   Zero-day protection
  •   Real-time, proactive protection (PUSH Technology)
  •   Accurate response (Click here for figures on the current accuracy percentage.)

Easily Configurable

The Network Box Anti-Spam module has individual engines that can be enabled or disabled based on the direction of the message (inbound or outbound), content of a message header, sender IP address, and more.