The Network Box Firewall protects servers and workstations from a host of network-level attacks, including protocol anomalies, connection flooding, denial-of-service, and SYN flooding, as well as packet fragmentation evasion techniques. Black hole, fingerprint obfuscation and decoy technologies further shield protected networks from malicious probes. The Network Box firewall is tightly-integrated with 3 intrusion prevention systems; this sort of deep packet inspection is also known as a next-generation firewall.


  •   Hybrid Firewall design for the best of all worlds
  •   Application-Level Packet Filtering, both secure and efficient
  •   Policy-based routing for efficient use of dual network connections
  •   Multiple redundant / balanced Internet links for fail-safe operation
  •   Traffic shaping and QoS control for priority services
  •   Multiple Network Boxes configured as a single fault tolerant virtual router
  •   Address translation and port / address forwarding hides the internal network
  •   Bridging technology allows the transparent installation of our system in a network.  It will perform all its functions without disrupting your existing network flow.