Tweet, Tweet

By Chad F. Walter

Yes, I heard that Twitter was moving toward an e-commerce platform.

It would appear to be a pass-through type of e-commerce shopping tool which could potentially create some security and privacy concerns.  Given that they intend to store my data when I make my first purchase, I am, understandably, wondering where it will be stored and how it might be shared.  I realize the ease and accessibility “one-click” purchasing offers but should convenience outweigh risk? 

Unfortunately, the average consumer will not ask these questions.  By the time Twitter is hacked, and consumer data is stolen, Twitter will, more than likely, shrug it off as the cost of doing business, never mind the potential harm such a breach could cause us, the consumer.  Clearly a situation of success and convenience eclipsing risk and damage.

Of course, this is all speculative.

I really hope this is merely me being a paranoid pessimist and that in reality, Twitter would have already invested the necessary resources to protect their users.  But that said, if they have, why are they not emphasizing the industry leading, consumer security and privacy benefits built into their new e-commerce functionality???

I guess we will just have to wait and see.