We Have Your Back

Experts are dubbing 2014 – “The Year of the Data Breach.”

Considering that the sheer number of reported data breaches this past year alone exceeded those reported in the past decade, it makes sense. As if protecting networks from cyber criminals wasn’t enough, vulnerabilities in existing software had IT departments in a bit of a panic, and we quickly saw a prime example of what could happen when one of those vulnerabilities was exploited.

As a managed security services provider, we find ourselves constantly stressing the importance of real-time threat protection. Without the latest signatures, patches, and updates, a network is left to fend for itself against threats that it may not be equipped to handle. In the example above, the vulnerability – Heartbleed – was exploited shortly after it was disclosed. Clearly, the cyber criminals wasted no time. Likewise, IT security solutions too have “no time” to waste.

IT security is not about finding a solution that works for right now; it’s about finding a long-term solution that provides up-to-the-minute threat protection 24x7x365.

Case in point: at Network Box, we monitor our clients’ networks and the Internet 24×7, relying not only on what we already know and have protected against, but also on proprietary technologies that protect from what we don’t know (a.k.a. Zero Day Attacks).  This provides us the advantage of spotting vulnerabilities and patching them even before our clients are aware of the threat. Even after PUSHing out necessary fixes in real-time, Network Box’s 16 global Security Operations Centers continue to monitor the vulnerabilities – this has proven key in protecting clients from any new variants as they emerge.