Zero Trust Assessment

    Your Zero Trust Environment


    What zero trust technologies do you currently use? (e.g. Secure Identity Management, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), SIEM, IaaS, PaaS)

    What platform(s) and application(s) are you using and providing to your users? (e.g. Office 365, G Suite, In-house Application, Azure, AWS)

    What are your goals to move to Zero Trust? (e.g. Improved BYOD visibility, improved remote workforce security)

    Do you currently have a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system in place?

    How far along in your Zero Trust migration are you?

    Any other information you would like to share that would be relevant?



    How large is your organization (based on number of employees)?

    How many physical locations?

    How large is your IT staff?

    How many IT staff members have security as their primary role?

    What is your yearly IT budget?



    What server/application technologies are you running? (e.g. Windows server, Linux server, virtualization, web applications, file server, Active Directory)

    Currently, how segmented is your network?

    How mature would you describe your IT and security processes?

    What technologies do you plan to add in the next 12-24 months?

    In the last year, has your company performed any security assessments?

    Risk AssessmentVulnerability AssessmentPenetration TestBreach AssessmentNone of these

    How do employees access network resources when not physically in the office?



    Is your company currently utilizing a Zero Trust model or concepts?

    YesNoI don't know

    Is your company planning on switching to Zero Trust in the next 12-24 months?

    YesNoAfter 24 months



    Do you currently have a centralized logging or SIEM technology in place?

    What log sources would you want to ingest into a centralized logging platform? (e.g. Windows event log, network device log, web traffic, antivirus infections)