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We understand the unique requirements of Banking network security due to the sensitivity of information on financial networks. From an information security perspective, this requires greater care to avoid reputation-damaging security breaches. An attack on a financial institution (FI) resulting in the loss of vital data can have a devastating effect on the firm’s reputation, costing significant amounts of time and money to repair. Moreover, the interconnectedness of FIs leaves them vulnerable to disruption, threatening national security and the stability of the international financial system. Clearly, the importance of a comprehensive network security platform cannot be over-emphasized.


Are comprehensive solutions help Banks and Financial Institutions

User Protection User Protection

Protect User

5% of the internet is encrypted and this number will only increase. Having a gateway solution that cannot decrypt/decode incoming HTTPS traffic means you are not protected from 75% of possible threats. HTTPS decoding is imperative to be protected from the modern threats.

Email Protection Email Protection

Protect Email

If your company has more than 25 employees you are required by federal law to maintain an environment free of references to sex, religion, race and politics. Enforcing a browsing policy is also a great way to increase user protection – if they can’t get to an infected page, they won’t get infected. Our policy enforcement engines are flexible and versatile, allowing rules based on every parameter you may require.

Compliance Needs Served

Network Box USA helps you meet the compliance needs. Federal law regulates financial network security. Among these, banking and other financial networks must comply with:

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Our Solution Is Tailored to Your Industry

Each business is unique, find out how Network Box meets the specific compliance requirements of your vertical’s regulatory environment.

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