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About NB USA.

Welcome to Network Box USA! We’re on a mission to make cybersecurity accessible and effective for everyone.

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Nb USA Is Your Cybersecurity Partner of Choice.

We’re committed to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions for businesses across the US.

Who We Are

Formed in Y2K, Network Box USA (NB USA) is a networking and cybersecurity services company offering enterprise class solutions to small and medium sized businesses and partners who service them. Over time, we have evolved to provide protection to organizations of all sizes, from the smallest to some of the largest in the world. Working with our partners, our goal is to secure the world. 

Today, we are present in almost all of North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and across Asia. We have built and manage our very own Security Response Center (SRC), 16 Security Operations Centers (SOC), and thousands of partners and clients utilizing our networking and cybersecurity monitoring and management services, ranging from sole proprietors to prominent names within the Global Fortune 500 list across every sector from banking to finance, healthcare and more. 

We have received over 140 international awards, a clear testimony to the unwavering quality of our proprietary, built from the ground up suite of solutions, something which has never diminished over the course of over two decades of operations. Our clients and partners trust us with the security of their networks and data, and we are proud to lay claim to a 95 percent retention/renewal rate. Partners and clients stay with us based on our record of success and having a world class experience. 

Pierluigi Stella

Pierluigi Stella

Chief Technology Officer
  • Worked at IBM for 15 years
  • Launched NB USA in 2003
  • Experienced CTO skilled in Network security, cloud computing, virtualization, SaaS and networking.
  • Extensive knowledge on security with emphasis on financial, banking, hospitality, healthcare and education.

A Few Stats

On average, we deploy over 10,000 new signatures per day, or 1.2M new signatures every 90 days.

Our SOCs maintain an average response time to client tickets of 7 minutes and 19 seconds.

Our email scanning systems are catching spam with a success rate of 99.78%, likely the highest in the industry.


When we started NB USA, we identified two major issues: many companies lacked network security protection, and those that had it often did not know how to configure it properly. Updates and signatures were often overlooked, making their security outdated and ineffective.

Our primary goal was to offer a true managed service with a product designed from the ground up for comprehensive management. We focused on creating technology that would ensure constant access and quick deployment of protection updates.

We developed:

  1. Security Operation Center (SOC): For easy, constant, and real-time access to all devices.
  2. Security Response Center (SRC): For rapid deployment of protection updates across devices.

We established the SOC and SRC to ensure our technology could be fully managed from inception. This foundational approach allows us to seamlessly manage thousands of Network Box devices worldwide and provide consistent and effective security.

Cyber threats have become exponentially faster since we began operations in Y2K. To keep pace, we have enhanced our PUSH system with two new technologies:

  1. Z-Scan (Zero Day Scan): Provides protection within 3 seconds by pushing updates to local SOCs.
  2. Cloud-Based Real-Time Database: Allows devices to access protection data directly from the cloud, eliminating the need for PUSH updates.

Z-Scan, or Zero Day Scan, is a technology that makes protection available to all devices within 3 seconds by pushing updates to local SOCs. This approach utilizes our private global cloud, comprising multiple SOCs worldwide, to distribute protection efficiently.

The real-time database provides continuous, cloud-based access to protection updates, enabling devices to retrieve necessary information at any time without waiting for PUSH updates. This ensures immediate and up-to-date protection.

Our network security protection is developed by our dedicated team of engineers at the Security Response Center (SRC), which holds 4 ISO certifications (27001, 20000, 31000, 9001) and PCI DSS v3.2. The SRC is central to the comprehensive protection we offer.

We offer network security solutions that include threat analysis and intelligence. Our team acts on this information to prevent threats before they reach clients, leveraging partnerships with over 100 companies to maintain a continuous flow of threat data.

By consolidating threat information from multiple sources and filtering it through our expert team, we provide true real-time protection. This rapid response is crucial to preventing breaches and maintaining client security.


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