Managed SIEM

Consolidate your logs. Correlate incidents
and events. Protect your network.

Let Us Protect Your Logs

The perimeter isn’t dead. Not remotely. In fact, it’s open, with an inevitable bi-directional flow between various security platforms such as advanced threat detection (ATD), intrusion detection/intrusion protection system (IDS/IPS), vulnerability management (VM) and firewall, to name but a few. Additionally, burgeoning adoption of IoT as well as BYOD has made tracking and monitoring activity inside your network beyond challenging.

Given that the same approximate procedures implemented in a forensics investigation can also be applied to reduce incident mean-time-to-detect and mean-time-to-respond, SIEM is increasingly being used to co-ordinate an integrated, multi-level cyber defense posture.

Even then, each perimeter-based system deployed within your network needs to tell the other what to be on the lookout for.

You need a managed SIEM.


It’s more than “security information and event management,” it’s “security incident and event management.”

Our Solution

NBSIEM+ is our fully-managed, cloud-based security incident and event management solution. It analyzes and correlates events, raising alerts of any anomalies as they occur in your network. Coupling big data analytics and machine learning, NBSIEM+ comes with a large set of pre-configured rules, so you can hit the ground running.

The NBSIEM+ remains fully-customizable, allowing you to define the solution true to your network. For instance, the nerve center of NBSIEM+ is the central console. Its dashboard provides visibility of the network as well as agility within select fields such as end user, most used applications, most vulnerable endpoints and the such. It is also interactive meaning any number of events (device types, OS, applications network mapping, etc) can be isolated with a mouse click. Investigations can be recorded for future reference, the results of which can be incorporated into the establishment of new rules or alarm thresholds.

Data aggregated by NBSIEM+ is stored inline, in warm storage, for 90 days, before it's moved to cold storage for a minimum of 1 year. You tell us how long you want to retain the data!

In truth, the NBSIEM+ is a packed solution, specifically designed to give you peace of mind, knowing your network is monitored 24x7/365.


Email Protection Email Protection

Proactive Event Management

Tracks events from servers, workstations, firewalls, and more.

Real time database deployment of protection Real time database deployment of protection

Intelligence Analysis

Correlates events and incidents to identify anomalies in real-time.

User Protection User Protection


Defines rules for which logs need to be collected, stored, retained, and for how long.

Protect Server Protect Server


Leverages warm and cold storage capabilities.

All devices protection within 3 seconds All devices protection within 3 seconds


Retains logs off-site for compliance requirements and forensic analyses.

Protect User Protect User


Schedules and customizes periodic reports.