Secure SD-Wan

Secure Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is
the solution to today’s cloud-centric world.

In our cloud-centric world, the traditional wide area network (WAN) no longer meets the needs of today’s distributed businesses and their highly mobile users.

Cloud adoption has brought about an unprecedented explosion of internet traffic on the traditional WAN which exposes data to greater cybersecurity threats and compliance concerns. In turn, it has made the user experience unpredictable and increased complexity and costs for businesses to manage. Furthermore, a highly remote and diverse workforce comprised of employees, partners, vendors, contractors, and guests makes it increasingly challenging to protect critical assets from bad actors. Businesses are left managing a difficult balance between user experience, security, and complexity.

Secure Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is the solution to today’s cloud-centric world. It helps businesses:

  • Lower costs and maximize resource usage for multisite deployments
  • Improve the user experience through efficient delivery and optimized performance over available bandwidth
  • Strengthen security posture with an integrated approach to threat protection

A web server that isn’t secure can leave your business at risk. Your company’s security is as strong as its weakest point.

How do you safeguard your web servers and applications?

Why CHOOSE our Secure SD-Wan

The Network Box USA (NB USA) Secure SD-WAN solution, a key component of Edge Defense, optimizes network traffic and allows businesses to securely connect between HQ, branch and home offices, mobile worker locations, data centers and cloud services, regardless of network connection type. Secure SD-WAN also allows businesses to decouple the physical network from the management and operation of the Wide Area Network in a flexible, network-agnostic manner.

Our Secure SD-WAN further benefits distributed businesses through :

  • Link monitoring and automatic switching between alternative network paths
  • Quality of Service traffic shaping
  • Application optimization
  • Online traffic engineering
  • Virtual and on-premises deployment options
  • Highest levels of security standards
  • Full routing and NAT capability