Security Response Center

What does true security mean?
What makes Network Box USA different?
It's our SRC (Security Response Center).


The heart and soul of what we do is our Security Response Center or SRC.

It defines Network Box USA as a true Managed Security Services Provider, makes us different from others who, in reality, merely manage firewalls and change configurations.

It is how we obtain “our lists”, meaning our list of parameters (such as IP addresses, URLs, email addresses, and many more) that should be blocked but collecting such details is simply the tip of the iceberg.

Our SRC has achieved 3 ISO certifications (27001, 20000 and 9001) and is the crown jewel of the protection NWBUSA offers its clients.

We partner with over 100 threat intelligence and threat analysis sources for the lists, which we store in the Network Box Reputation Database (or RepDB). Stored in the cloud, RepDB is a big scale database (which the Security Response Center updates and manages on a regular basis) housing various types of information such as email addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, URLs, hashes, and fingerprints.

Currently, we track in excess of 14 million reputation signatures, covering more than 100 million individual items. In fact, our RepDB is now growing at the rate of over 200,000 signatures per month.

After all this data is collated, we then report back to these partners for new information as well as statistical analyses of their own information, as a form of constant validation. But more importantly, it takes us only milliseconds to push the new protection created based on this data to client boxes.


This is completely unparalleled in the industry.

No other company is able to deliver new protection in literally milliseconds. And no other company that we know of collects such a breadth of information in order to quickly create protection.

Why You Should Choose Us

So, the next time you’re asked why “Network Box USA", keep in mind our Security Response Center, our lists, how those factors affect your network, and how they address the issue of true real time protection. It most definitely makes a difference between your network being safe, and it being riddled with ransomware.


It most definitely makes a difference between your network being safe, and it being riddled with ransomware.


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