Webinar: How a SIEM Improves SASE

The castle-and-moat strategy to cybersecurity is no longer sufficient. Networks are not housed within one single location. Rather, they are comprised of dispersed entities (think cloud-based applications and services) with multiple access points and potential vulnerabilities. So the question is, how do we protect this distributed architecture?

SASE (aka Secure Access Service Edge, pronounced as sassy), is a forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity that aims to deliver networking and security as cloud-based services. A key benefit to this methodology is that it provides better visibility into what’s happening in your network, across all devices, platforms and users. Think of it this way, a SIEM is like your eye in the sky for the network.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is SASE and how did it come about
  • Implementing a SIEM into your SASE strategy
  • How a SIEM works
  • Is Gartner 100% correct on their predicament about SASE?
  • SASE maturity – are we there yet?

Wednesday, November 4th
at 1 PM CST