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Cybersecurity threats are growing in number and sophistication. Malware, ransomware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, email fraud, cloud account compromise are just a few of the threats lurking outside a business’s virtual front door. Traditional cybersecurity focused on securing the perimeter (or edge) of a network by separating the “safe” business side from the public internet with security measures such as a firewall. However, the wholesale adoption of cloud services, rise of mobile computing, hybrid workplaces and insider threats have required an innovative approach to cybersecurity beyond creating a wall between a business and the internet.

The adoption of cloud services means that much of business data today resides outside of office walls and moves freely across the internet between hybrid office spaces, remote workers, and data centers. Mobile computing means that the border between a business and the internet now exists in a coffee shop, airport lounge or hotel Wi-Fi, wherever employees are working. Collaboration between suppliers, customers and employees means that threats can just as likely come from within a business’s network as from the internet. Therefore, businesses no longer need just a firewall, but a comprehensive edge defense built for today’s distributed cybersecurity environment.

Why CHOOSE our Edge Defense

Network Box USA’s edge defense is a comprehensive set of purpose built cybersecurity solutions that offers full protection to meet the needs of today’s business. As required, it leverages the following powerful services:-

Secure Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution optimizes network traffic and allows businesses to securely connect between HQ, branch and home offices, mobile worker locations, data centers and cloud services, regardless of network connection type. Secure SD-WAN also allows businesses to decouple the physical network from the management and operation of the Wide Area Network in a flexible, network-agnostic manner.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG+) includes FW+ (Firewall, IPS, VPN), web browsing protection modules (anti-malware for files and URLS (HTTP and HTTPS), content filtering, policy enforcement, application filtering and more, ensuring businesses are fully protected. 

Web Browsing Protection (WBP+) is a user bundle comprised of a firewall, 3 intrusion prevention systems (IPS), VPN, along with web browsing protection modules including anti-malware for files and URLs (HTTP and HTTPS), content filtering, policy enforcement, application filtering, and so much more.

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Our Solutions

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