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Email is a mission critical form of communication for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, it is also one of the simpler attack vectors to exploit. When users get an email, their natural response is to open it, making your business one click away from a potential data breach and business disaster. Cybercriminals know this.

No wonder email is a highly popular method used to distribute many forms of malware. A recent study revealed that 96% of all phishing attacks occurred via email using employee credentials and 91% of successful attacks start with an email. Furthermore, it is estimated a successful ransomware attack costs a business on average $1.85 million

As bad actors continue to discover new ways to exploit email systems, vulnerabilities and attacks will keep growing. This requires businesses to adopt a vigilant approach to monitor, protect and secure email platforms minimizing user impact.

This is why every business needs managed cloud email security (MCES).


The Network Box USA MCES is a cloud-based solution specifically designed to secure a business’s email platform and block the flow of malicious emails to users. If a malicious email never makes it to a user’s inbox, it cannot do any damage.

MCES’s multiple mail scanning engines verify every email on your platform and block all malicious emails containing bad links, malware, spam, and scams from being received by a user.

MCES leverages intel from 25 anti-spam engines, 18 anti-malware engines, and is backed by a database of over 55.6 million signatures. MCES’s patented push technology ensures businesses are protected with the latest security updates, in just under 45 seconds from availability, and its email scanning engine catches spam with a success rate of 99.78% making it the best choice for email security.

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"I can't think of an occasion where they didn't address a problem the same day. Most things are handled almost immediately; I'm not quite sure how they do it but they do it."

- Carrier Clinic

Benefits of our Solution

Protect Email Protect Email


Block spam emails before they hit your inbox. Learn More ▶

Real time database deployment of protection Real time database deployment of protection


Safeguard your network from malware. Learn More ▶

Email Protection Email Protection

Anti-Spoofing and Anti-Phishing

Protect your users from "CEO fraud" and other phishing attacks.

User Protection User Protection


Guard your business against spyware.


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