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Without a doubt, businesses are seeing more malicious emails flooding their inboxes. In fact, not only is the number of spam emails rapidly increasing, it’s currently estimated that more than half of all emails are spam.  And the number of spam emails containing malicious attachments is on a dramatic rise, as well. For many companies, that increase is reinforcing the realization that spam isn’t just a mere nuisance, it’s one of the primary delivery mechanisms for attacks, cloud email included, and is, therefore, a direct threat to their organization. 

SOLUTIONS FOR Email Security

Training employees to recognize phishing attempts is a great place to start, but thanks to the increasing sophistication of targeted attacks, raising awareness alone isn't enough. Companies need to invest in strong email security services to augment internal education and awareness efforts. NWBUSA can help with our Managed Cloud Security Email (MCES) offering.

All devices protection within 3 seconds All devices protection within 3 seconds


Likely the single most important attack undertaken via emails, recent ransomware events have shown that hackers are only just getting started, and things are about to get worse. NWBUSA has, literally, millions of signatures to protect against ransomware. In addition, we deploy a combination of extensive heuristics, behavioral analyses as well as specific detection engines, all of which are dedicated towards identifying new ransomware. These features are also available in our cloud-based email security protection solution (MCES).

Email Protection Email Protection


Phishing is a form of spam aimed at enticing users to click on a link that will take them to a website where they will be asked to enter credentials and other PII. The NWBUSA MCES solution uses several techniques and simple signatures to block phishing attacks.

Real time database deployment of protection Real time database deployment of protection


We have seen the number of emails per minute received by certain domains escalate even 1000 fold.  If emails are scanned onsite, it is very likely that the appliance dedicated to such a task will not be able to cope with the added load. This could cause the entire internet connection to fail, resulting in a DoS.  By moving the scanning to NWBUSA's MCES, which is cloud-based, the problem is avoided as the system can easily be adapted to absorb much larger loads, and the local ISP connection for the client remains untouched.

User Protection User Protection


Spoofing is one of the most common and insidious attacks carried out through emails. Hackers spoof the email address of someone high up in the organization, sending spear-phishing emails to employees in order to elicit a response from them such as transferring money or revealing credentials. NWBUSA’s MCES protects specifically against this sort of attack using a myriad of email security techniques, all tailored to the various possible types of spoofing.


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