More Security Trends To Watch: Part 2

In my last post, I talked about how zero day vulnerabilities will continue to be a threat to small to midsize enterprises and also how mobile devices like tablets and smartphones will infiltrate the network.

In this post, I’ll extrapolate a bit on other areas that could cause security concerns for you this year:

The Internet is going to continue to be the application of choice for the delivery of malware. It provides so many options to infect systems, whether it is because a mobile device was connected at home, infected by a website and then brought into the office, or hackers taking advantage of poor programming on a website to install malware, the options are huge and the writing of websites has not developed so as to ensure that security is inherently built into the design.

The take up of social networking will continue to grow in 2011. This will lead to increased risk to data both personal and business related as websites like Facebook encourage their users to put more data in their supposedly secure site.

Added to which as more features and applications are provided, these provide vectors through which malware can transported. In addition, and not strictly security related, the productivity associated with time on social networks can be difficult to monitor and organizations need to be able to monitor who is using the sites and the time they are spending.

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