PUSH Technology


Our award-winning PUSH Technology ensures that every connected Network Box solution worldwide is updated in real-time. Whenever new protection becomes available, it is automatically “PUSHed” out in under 45 seconds to your Network Box solution.

Most anti-malware systems rely on the client system regularly connecting to a central server and grabbing new signatures/updates/patches. This is an outdated methodology because, not only are these systems set up to check for updates at a given time, if a virus strikes, your system could be vulnerable for a significant length of time. Many recent viruses have taken only a few hours to spread around the world.

With Network Box’s PUSH Technology, you can rest assured that your protection is always up-to-date.


With PUSH Technology, clients do not:

  •   Need to know when there is an update waiting/available
  •   Need to ensure that they have the rights to access the patch on the website
  •   Have to download it and ensure the checksum is correct
  •   Have to find time to install it
  •   Have to repeat these steps for each device

It’s true real-time, proactive threat protection.