MCProxy (Managed Cloud Proxy)


Network Box USA’s Managed Cloud Proxy (MCProxy) offers web browsing protection for small companies that do not require compliance reporting. These are offices wanting to prevent their users from accessing unsavory or dangerous websites, and scan allowed content for potential threats. MCProxy works by delivering a preconfigured selection of URL categories allowed. Based on our long, proven experience in securing networks for small businesses, we are confident it is the ideal solution to fit your needs.

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  •  Device on premise
    •  Firewall: stateful inspection, packet filtering
    •  IPS: zero-day latency, front-line IPS
    •  VPN to shared proxy
    •  Automated weekly report for traffic to this device
    •  User interface on local device for access to logs
    •  DHCP Server
  •  Virtual Proxy
    •  Connect from device on premise via VPN
    •  Policy Enforcement
      •  Choose from one of 3 preset levels:
        •  Strict
        •  Medium
        •  Loose
      •  Antimalware for HTTP and HTTPS
  •  IPv4/IPv6 Bi-Directional Translation (Layer 3 to Layer 7)
  •  Fully Managed
  •  24x7x365 Monitoring and PUSH Updates
  •  Standard SLA


It’s cost-efficient. Network Box USA’s MCProxy is sold as a service, hosted in the cloud and completely managed.

It’s proactive. Network Box’s patented PUSH technology ensures that clients’ solutions are protected with the latest security updates in less than 45 seconds upon availability. Z-Scan, a true real-time zero-day anti-malware engine, reacts in under 3 seconds!

It’s certified. Network Box’s Security Response Center has achieved triple-ISO certification status (ISO 9001, 20000, 27001), and Network Box USA has attained SSAE 16 SOC 2 attestation.

It’s IPv6 ready. The Network Box solution provides seamless IPv4/IPv6 bi-directional translation and in May 2012, the Network Box appliance achieved IPv6 Ready Phase-2 Gold certification for its platform, a first for a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).