COVID-19: Stay Home, Work Safe

March 24, 2020

We know you’ve been inundated with information about the Coronavirus pandemic so we’ll keep this brief and to the point. Just a few hours ago, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo issued a mandatory “STAY HOME, WORK SAFE” order. As you may be aware, Network Box USA is located in Harris County. But, this order also clearly specifies that essential businesses will remain open (referencing the Department of Homeland Security’s list of 16 Sectors Deemed Critical).

Information Technology is one of the critical infrastructure sectors.

Therefore, we are NOT actually affected by this order.

However, for the safety of our team, everyone has already been working remotely since Week 2 March. And because our entire infrastructure is organized to perform optimally from practically anywhere in the world (so long as there’s internet connectivity), our support to you has NOT been affected. At all. Save for the sheer volume of requests from clients over the past two weeks who are wanting to set up their own WFH environment, by configuring VPNs for their personnel. Now that this has been concluded, things appear to be proceeding smoothly.

As far as the security of your remote network connection is concerned, it is our aim to make it “business as usual” for you (per pre Coronavirus) so you won’t even realize our physical office is closed.

Should you have questions or need assistance, reach out to us either via email or phone 832-242-5757.  We are here for you.

Stay home, stay safe,

Network Box USA