March 23, 2020 COVID-19,CYBER SECURITY

Technology & Its Place in Helping Us Remain Connected During Social Distancing

Technology and its place in helping us remain connected during social distancing.  That very sentence is a complete dichotomy, I know.  Humans are social creatures. One of the most important aspects of being human is that connection to another human. As many of us are forced into our homes to practice social distancing, it may feel like we’re more disconnected than ever. But, to be honest, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Over the years, sociologists have focused on the negative aspects of technology and how it has disconnected us. And it has, to an extent. Social media, for instance, is an animal in and of itself. It allows us to edit our lives in a way that omits the negative aspects or hardships that, in essence, make us human.

The things that make us relatable

But, in this oh-so-strange time, it’s also the thing that’s keeping us connected.

For example, in the Nextdoor app, members of my community are reaching out to one another, offering assistance to those who may need groceries. And even informing each other about which grocery stores have stock. On Reddit, you’ll find members banding together to get through these uncertain times.

We’re also seeing companies step up to the plate

Internet and phone service companies, such as AT&T and Verizon, have agreed to not shut off subscribers’ services who can’t pay their bill in the wake of COVID-19. Six tech giants released a joint statement saying they’re joining forces to “[combat] fraud and misinformation about the virus.” And, most notably, Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, is offering his video-conferencing platform free of charge to K-12 schools. This move effectively enables educators to continue teaching their students online.

While this pandemic is indeed forcing us to be physically distant from one another, digitally, we’re all in this together.  And we have technology to thank for, as it takes its place in helping us remain connected during this unprecedented times of social distancing.